Last night, the minds and bodies behind the great Braverman clan took to the stage at PaleyFest to discuss everything from a potential season five to the reason why Mark and Sarah will never work and Tim Riggins.

Mae Whitman really wants Tim Riggins on the show: When asked if any more Friday Night Lights actors will be on the show, Katims said that it’s a possibility (assuming there’s a fifth season, obviously). The process is as follows: Step one: The writers create a character. Step two: The writers realize that a former-FNL actor might be a perfect fit. Step three: Jason Katims picks up the phone and “begs” the actor to come to Parenthood. Hey, it worked with Michael B. Jordan, Minka Kelly and Matt Lauria. Where you at, Taylor Kitsch?!


Last week’s pilot of NBC’s “Jekyll and Hyde” drama Do No Harm premiered to disastrously low ratings. “Do No Harm’s” performance got the folks at thinking: What are some of the best pilots in recent memory? Here’s a list of the 10 best pilots of the past decade:

7. Friday Night Lights (2006)
NBC and DirecTV

Piggy-backing off of the critical acclaim of the 2004 film, Friday Night Lights somehow spun off into an even better TV drama, focusing on a Texas high school football team and its trials and tribulations.

The new coach, Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), and his wife, Tami (Connie Britton), lead the football-driven family and serve as an inspiration for the young players. Complete with a cast of fresh faces and handheld cameras, the pilot introduces audiences to the small town of Dillon and a slower pace of life — off the field, of course.

With a dramatic end for star quarterback Jason Street (Scott Porter) and a promising beginning for rookie Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford), even those who don’t care for football will find themselves completely obsessed with this down-home show.

MTV Interview
October 9th, 2011

MTV recently talked to Taylor about John Carter, Battleship and the possible Friday Night Lights movie. Check out the videos below and after the cut.

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It’s been a incredible five seasons for Friday Night Lights and it’s not only been a pleasure to watch, but it’s also given us the chance to meet and follow the careers of a wonderful and refreshing cast. I will always remember Friday Night Lights as the moment I met Taylor Kitsch, where I fell in love with Tim and Tyra together and most importantly, became involved in the storylines of a wonderful series. “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” became a part of the fans everyday motto and I can’t dream of not continuing it. Tonight we bid farewell to a show that’s beat the odds time and time again with it’s amazing fan support. The extended season finale airs tonight and below we have some clips of Taylor to share with you.

Make sure to tune in this evening and make sure Friday Night Lights goes out with a bang. Thank you NBC and the cast/crew of the series for an amazing and wonderful journey for five incredible seasons.

Finally got around to working on some more Friday Night Lights caps. Don’t forget that the series finale airs next week on NBC. For now, enjoy these HD logo less screencaps of two season 5 episodes. I will work on the two missing ones asap.

Gallery Link
// 5.01 Expectations – Screencaps
// 5.10 Don’t Go – Screencaps

Last night marked the return of Tim into the Friday Night Lights and we have two clips from the episode to share with you. In the first, Billy, Eric and Buddy speak at Tim’s parole hearing and the second Tim asks that Billy not speak for him. I will have screencaptures soon.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones, like me, who doesn’t have directtv and wasn’t able to already see the last season of the show, don’t forget that the show starts on NBC on April 15th at 8 pm. To get you prepared here’s a couple things for you to have a peek at. First we have a recap of what happened last season and then a promo from the new season.